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Steynberg Gallery Events: Calendar

Saturday, October 4th, 2014

Steynberg Gallery

Erin Inglish & Ray Duncan - 8pm

1531 Monterey
San Luis Obispo California 93401
USA 805-547-0278
Price: $20 suggested donation at the do

Presenting the inaugural
Folk Troubadours
concert in San Luis Obispo
Erin Inglish & Ray Duncan

Join us for the inaugural concert in a new “Folk Troubadours” series in San Luis Obispo that will feature music and musings of two folk music acts each show. Presenting a double-bill evening with two progressive folk artists, Erin Inglish and Ray Duncan. Playing separately and together, the two will join forces for an evening of music evening at the Steynberg Gallery on Saturday, October 4th, 2014, beginning at 8:00 PM. Both of these songwriters have played the main stage at the Live Oak Music Festival (Erin Inglish in 2015, Ray Duncan with the Ranchers for Peace in 2014) and last year they opened for Jackson Browne. What brings these two artists together, and what attracts their fans on the most basic human level, is that each of these women have a lot to say about the world through their original, poetic, and sometimes poignant songs.

Inglish composes primarily for voice and banjo – a unique context for this instrument. Her music has been described as “vibey”, “etherial”, “honest”, and “progressive yet strangely classic.” This internationally-touring, banjo-wielding woman presents a “raw, sweet and sincere Emmy Lou-ish sound…[and] she makes the banjo sound like a musical instrument,” says a fan from North Carolina. She used to work as an engineer and has lived abroad for four years in five countries. Her songwriting reflects her worldly travels and grounding passion for sustainability and art. To celebrate and promote sustainability in communities and schools, Inglish tours long-distance by bicycle for part of the year...with her banjo and dog on board. She is also the organizer of an annual favorite, the Banjo Babes 2014 Calendar & Showcase Album. (

Duncan is a promising multi-instrumentalist who sings and accompanies herself on guitar and piano, and she also plays percussion and melodica in the Ranchers for Peace - a “neo-hippie protest” band she is in with her father. Her mother, Jude Johnstone, has written for such industry royalty as Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Nicks, Johnny Cash, and more. Duncan is a product of two other prodigal people, and it is no wonder that she is coming into her own right her own music. While the Ranchers for Peace will still be out there “doing what they can to make giving a damn cool again,” 18­year­old Ray has decided to finally unveil the solo project everyone has been asking about - songs that she has been writing and accumulating since she was ten years old.

Expect two solo sets, Ray Duncan at 8:00 PM and Erin Inglish at 9:00 PM, with some never-before-heard collaboration between the two musicians. Suggested donation $15-$20 at the door, in advance online at

WHAT: Troubadours of Folk Series Presents Erin Inglish & Ray Duncan
DATE: Saturday, October 4th, 2014
WHERE: Steynberg Gallery, 1531 Monterey Street, San Luis Obispo, CA
WHEN: 8:00 PM, doors 7:30 PM

COST: $15 - $20 suggested donation at the door, or in advance
PR QUESTIONS: (805) 748-2998,
High Res. Image:

Sunday, October 5th, 2014

Steynberg Gallery

Soiree @ Steynberg Gallery - 7-9pm

1531 Monterey
San Luis Obispo California 93401
USA 805-547-0278
Price: pass the hat

Soiree, Sunday, October 5, at Steynberg’s Gallery, 1531 Monterey
7/7:45 wine and cheese, 7:45/9 discuss

Bill Ostrander, President of Citizen’s Congress 2014
“You Count – End Moneypolitic$”

Poll after poll shows that a large majority of Americans believe that money is having a detrimental effect on our governance. It is a fact that money is the greatest predictor of not only WHO wins elections but the subsequent legislative outcomes as well. Legislative outcomes that are all too often at odds with the public. In fact, many have negative consequences for the majority while benefitting few.

The Citizens' Congress and the Citizens Congress Education Foundation are grassroots nonprofit organizations working to replace the corrosive influence of Big Money in politics with methods that better represent all of us. We are a NON-partisan volunteer group of concerned citizens comprised of teachers, doctors, nurses, farmers, firefighters, web designers, business owners, artists and others who know that it requires re-engaging citizens to end our government corruption and reconsider our national priorities.

William Ostrander has worn many hats. Currently, he serves as the Director of the Citizens Congress and farms hay and grass fed beef, sustainably in the Los Osos Valley. Formerly, he acted in many movies and television. He was a volunteer in Namibia doing conservation work affecting Black Rhinos and Cheetahs and started the first all donated public library in Africa. He owned a construction company working on homes for many people in the entertainment profession. He also won a Beautification Award for a property that he developed in Paso Robles that houses the Paso Robles City Hall Annex using many green building practices.

–– October 19: Andy Greensfelder and David Homes
“How should the US react to radical Islam and the military crisis they create, ISIS in Iraq and Syria, e.g.”

Sunday, October 5th, 2014

Steynberg Gallery

Poetry at the Steynberg - 3.00pm

1531 Monterey
San Luis Obispo California 93401
USA 805-547-0278
Price: A Free Event


WHEN: October 5, 2014 at 3:00 p.m.


WHO: FEATURED: Poet Brian Landis with Photographer David Stroup who will be exhibiting some of his photos; Pets Lani Steele and David Oliveira.
There will also be a musician performing during breaks Craig Kincaid of the bluegrass band SLO POKES.



CONTACT: Kevin Patrick Sullivan at 547-1318 or or on facebook Annual San Luis Obispo Poetry Festival

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